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Application for Seasonal Employment
    Job applications are only accepted from those holding a valid Working Holiday Visa
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Family Name :
First Names :
Gender :
Height :
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Note: your height helps us to assess the best opportunity placement for you.
Nationality :
Address :
IRD Number :
Bank A/C Number :
(Wages are direct credit)
Do you participate in KiwiSaver?
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Date of Birth :
Contact Phone No :
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Emergency Contact [Name] :
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Are you colour blind?
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Have you been affected by R.S.I.?
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If yes to RSI, how recentely?
List any allergies or health issues :
How did you learn about us?
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Do you have local accomodation?
No Yes
Will you have transportation?
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Check "yes" for all that apply.
Dec 28 to early February (orchard) No Yes
Dec 28 to early February (packhouse) No Yes
March to May (orchard) No Yes
March to early June (packhouse) No Yes
Previous work experience :
    You must provided two referee's including their contact phone number(s)
   Please note: A referee is your previous employer or supervisor
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