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Application for Seasonal Employment
    Job applications are only accepted from those holding a valid Working Holiday Visa
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Gender :
Height :
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Note: your height helps us to assess the best opportunity placement for you.
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(Wages are direct credit)
Do you participate in KiwiSaver?
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Date of Birth :
Contact Phone No :
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Are you colour blind?
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Have you been affected by R.S.I.?
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    Other Information
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Do you need local accomodation?
No Yes
Do you own a vehicle?
No Yes
Check "yes" for all that apply.
Mid Oct to Dec (orchard) No Yes
Jan 5 to early Feb (orchard) No Yes
Jan 5 to early Feb (packhouse) No Yes
March to May (orchard) No Yes
March to May (packhouse) No Yes
What experience do you have? :
    You must provided two referee's including their contact phone number(s)
   Please note: A referee is your previous employer or supervisor
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